Do Pop-Tarts Have Pork Or Beef Gelatin? The Real Truth

Pop-Tarts are a classic snack food that you can enjoy at any time of day. They’re a go-to breakfast for kids, families, and adults with a sweet tooth.

But what is that satisfying jelly in the middle of them? Do Pop-Tarts have pork or beef gelatin inside of them?

You may want to determine the answer before you find out you’ve just eaten something you weren’t supposed to.

Some Pop-Tarts have gelatin in them and some don’t. It really all depends on which ones you choose to eat. But they don’t contain pork, as long as you’re buying them in the United States.

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Pop-Tarts And Pork Gelatin – The Real Truth

Pop Tarts And Pork Gelatin

So, what’s the truth? Well, I’m glad you asked.

You’ve probably heard that pork gelatin is used in Pop-Tarts and other similar snacks. But you also might be wondering if this rumor is true. The answer is no!

Pork gelatin is a popular ingredient in food manufacturing as it helps to keep things together after baking. However, Kellogg’s does not use pork gelatin in their Pop-Tarts in the USA.

So, if you’re trying to avoid eating pork, you can cross that off your list.

But, what is that delicious jelly in the middle of a Pop-Tart made out of, then?

It depends on the Pop-Tart. Kellogg’s uses either a beef gelatin, or a wheat-based filling inside the different flavors of this nostalgic toaster pastry.

As long as you’re okay with eating beef gelatin, you can enjoy a tasty Pop-Tart any time without worrying. But if pork is a concern there is one Kellogg’s snack you should avoid–Rice Krispies treats!

I was just as shocked to learn this as you are. But they’re not the only snack with traces of pork snuck into them. Some flavors of Frito-Lay’s Cheetos have pork in them, too!

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Pop-Tarts And Beef Gelatin

Gelatin is used in many foods and beverages to provide a thickening agent. It’s what gives your Pop-Tart that extra satisfying gooey factor.

In the United States, gelatin is produced by acid hydrolysis of collagen derived from bovine skin and bones. So, if you’re eating a Pop-Tart in the U.S. that has gelatin inside, it will be beef gelatin and not pork gelatin.

If you’re looking to avoid gelatin altogether, I’ve got great news for you!

Only specific kinds of Pop-Tarts even have any beef gelatin in them at all.

Frosted Pop-Tarts contain beef gelatin as an ingredient while plain unfrosted Pop-Tarts do not contain any gelatin. They’re filled with pre-gelatinized wheat starch, according to Kellogg’s website.

But for vegans and vegetarians, gelatin is not the only thing you should look at when deciding if you can treat yourself to this beloved snack.

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Are Pop-Tarts Vegan?

Kelloggs Pop Tarts

To answer this question, we must first look at what it means to be vegan.

Vegans avoid any animal products in their diets, including honey and gelatin.

As a rule, if a food contains an animal-derived ingredient, it’s not considered vegan. However, that rule is not as cut and dry as it seems.

There is some debate about whether some foods—like dried fruit—should count as a vegan because of the risk they could be contaminated with insects during harvesting or transport.

So while Pop-Tarts do contain beef gelatin, they don’t label them as being vegan because they want to avoid any confusion.

Many vegetarians also enjoy diverse diets, some eat milk, eggs, or fish, while some avoid these altogether but still eat honey.

According to Kellogg’s website: “We do not label our foods ‘vegetarian’ because there is no standard definition of the term.”

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So, to answer the question at hand—does Pop-Tarts have pork or beef gelatin? The answer is beef! But, if you’re following a vegan or halal diet, pork isn’t the only thing you have to worry about with Pop-Tarts.

Regardless of your dietary choices, there is still a Pop-Tart out there for everybody.

Each Pop-Tart comes with its own unique recipe, so there’s bound to be something that you can enjoy! Kellogg’s encourages you to read the label of each flavor before you try it, this way you know exactly what you’re getting.

If you’re in the U.S., you don’t have to worry about pork gelatin in your Pop-Tarts.

But if you’re trying to avoid gelatin altogether, plain, unfrosted Pop-Tarts are the way to go!

You don’t have to feel left out from enjoying this household snack item if you stay informed and make good choices.

Your favorite Pop-Tart flavor is out there, waiting to be devoured!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pop-Tarts Have Eggs?

There are many different flavors available in Pop-Tarts. Each flavor has its own unique recipe, so it’s impossible to provide a yes or no answer.

Some flavors of Pop-Tarts may contain milk, eggs, and other non-vegan ingredients like gelatin.

If you’re vegan, have allergies, or are simply avoiding beef, make sure you read the label of the Pop-Tart of your choice before eating it.

Are Pop-Tarts dairy free?

It really depends on the Pop-Tart recipe. Some flavors contain dairy and some do not. If you’re lactose intolerant, you shouldn’t take the gamble by just eating one and finding out the hard way.

Read the ingredients label and make sure you’re staying safe.

Which Pop-Tarts Are Vegan?

If you’re wondering whether your favorite Pop-Tart is vegan-friendly, you may be disappointed by the answer.

Kellogg’s released a statement saying since there is no clear definition of Veganism, they do not label any of their foods vegan, including Pop-Tarts.

You may think that sounds a little off, since we all know vegans avoid eating any animal products. But there truly is no one standard. For example, some vegans eat honey and some do not.

So if you consider yourself vegan, you’ll have to read the ingredients label for each Pop-Tart you’d like to try and make your own decision.

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