What Is Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning?

Want to add extra flavor to fries or other veggies? Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning is a popular spice blend included in some Hello Fresh recipes, but it isn’t available for sale by itself.

If you’ve had a chance to try the real Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning you might wonder how you can make it at home. Is that even possible?!

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What is Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning?

Hello Fresh is a popular meal delivery service and the recipes are great. But it can be hard to get what you want when you want it…and the meals don’t last forever. Some of their recipe boxes contain their popular Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning, but it can be hard to get this flavorful mix all the time. Their Fry Seasoning’s popularity has left many people looking for alternatives.

There are lots of brands and DIY recipes for different fry seasonings. Hello Fresh’s take on fry seasoning is simple and doesn’t include any salt, sugar, or MSG. Some people say they can detect MSG and claim this is an ingredient in Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning. However, according to Hello Fresh’s website there is 0mg of sodium in their fry seasoning.

The MSG Fact

MSG Free Seasoning

MSG contains sodium and would show up in nutritional information if it were present. Is it possible to have a great fry seasoning without MSG? With all the love that Hello Fresh’s Fry Seasoning receives, the answer is: Yes!

With all that positive attention it can be frustrating to learn how difficult it is to get real Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning. Hello Fresh customers will receive this seasoning as part of some meals, but their fry seasoning is so great you’ll be craving it later. Luckily this seasoning blend is easy to copy at home when you want a quick and delicious addition to fries, potatoes, or any dish that can benefit from a little flavor kick!

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Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning Ingredients

Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning uses simple ingredients and only contains garlic, onion, and paprika. “Wait,” we hear you saying, “where’s the salt?!” Unlike some other common fry seasoning blends, Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning doesn’t contain salt.

This can come as a bit of a shock as many seasoning blends have at least some salt. A salt-free seasoning blend can be useful if you’re wanting to add extra flavor to dishes which are already salted correctly. A fry seasoning blend that contains salt may make your dish too salty when all you wanted was more flavor.

The best part about making Fry Seasoning yourself is you can customize it however you like! Want a blend that adds flavor and salt? It’s easy to add salt or your favorite salt substitute.

Making the regular blend without salt has benefits too: a salt-free spice mix lets you add flavor only. If you’re watching your sodium intake then fry seasoning mixes without salt can help you stick to your nutritional goals.

Garlic, onion, and paprika are common, and just about everyone has them on hand. This is a great and simple blend that you can prepare on short notice when dishes need extra zing!

Ready to create your own version of Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning? Let’s make it happen!

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Recipe – Make At Home

Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning is simple and uses only three ingredients in simple proportions based on parts: each “part” can be any measure you want such as a teaspoon, tablespoon, or even cup!

• 1 part Garlic Powder
• 1 part Onion Powder
• 1 part Paprika

It’s that simple! These three basic ingredients are all that’s needed to create a great salt-free seasoning blend perfect for fries, veggies, sweet potatoes, or squash. Hello Fresh’s website says the best amount to use is one tablespoon per 1 ½ pounds. But this is up to you. Let your taste buds be your guide!

This is a great recipe, but can it be improved? While paprika is usually finely ground, garlic powder is often sold as small grains. If you mix these spices together it may not coat your food evenly: paprika will stick right away while some garlic will fall through and may not make it to your mouth!

If you want a more even mixture that sticks where you sprinkle it, we have a pro-tip: use an electric coffee grinder. By electric coffee grinder, we’re talking about the small grinders that have plastic cups on top and small, fast blades.

These are great for coffee but can also help your spice mixtures come together properly and stick to food better. A few seconds in an electric coffee grinder will break up garlic powder grains and help them blend together with the rest of the spices.

The Downside Of Coffee Grinder

One downside to grinding your spice mixes in a coffee grinder is the final blend can cake together. If you don’t use your new fry seasoning blend quickly it may be necessary to give it a stir so it shakes out evenly. We think this is a small price to pay for an even seasoning blend that sticks properly to food.

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5 Substitutes For Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning

Fry Seasoning Substitutes

Has making your own Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning gotten you hungry for more? Hello Fresh has some other popular seasoning blends that can add a splash of flavor where it’s needed. You can make these blends ahead of time for when your dishes seem to be missing flavor or need a savory boost!

Southwest Spice

• 4 part Garlic Powder
• 2 parts Cumin
• 2 parts Chili Powder

Southwest Spice can be amazing on a range of dishes including tacos, nachos, or chicken. This blend is a great way to make special Southwestern fries when you need a change from regular fry seasoning.

Fall Spice

• 3 parts dried Thyme
• 3 parts ground Sage
• 2 parts Garlic Powder
• 1 part Onion Powder

Turkey, dressing, and sweet potatoes! Add an extra boost to your Fall and holiday dishes! This Fall Spice is perfect for Thanksgiving recipes, but can also add a touch of cozy holiday flavor all season long.

Steak Spice

• 1 part Red Pepper flakes
• 1 part crushed Coriander seed
• 2 parts crushed Dill seed
• 3 parts crushed Mustard seed
• 4 parts Garlic, minced and dried
• 4 parts crushed Black Pepper
• 3 parts salt

Give your next meal a true steakhouse feel with this flavorful spice blend! Great on stakes and burgers too! If you’re planning to use this blend on fries you’ll definitely want to pass it through an electric coffee grinder. As listed, some of the ingredients are too large to stick to fries unless they’re ground smaller.

Cajun Spice

• 2 parts Paprika
• 2 parts Onion Powder
• 1 part Garlic Powder
• 1 part dried Oregano
• 1 part dried Thyme
• ½ part dried Basil
• ½ part Cayenne Pepper

Add some New Orleans flair to your meals with this spicy blend. This is a versatile spice blend you can use on burgers, fries, and even seafood! Looking for a great use for this spice blend? Try it as a replacement for the spices in Hello Fresh warm buttered shrimp rolls to switch up that recipe with Cajun heat!

Tuscan Heat Spice

• 4 parts dried Basil
• 2 parts dried Rosemary
• 2 parts dried Oregano
• 2 parts Garlic Powder
• 1 part Cayenne Pepper
• 1 part ground Fennel

Take your family’s taste buds on a trip to Central Italy with this Italian spice blend! This recipe uses a lot of Cayenne. If it’s too much you can use less or leave it out entirely. This can be a blend for spicing up Hello Fresh Italian chicken over lemony spaghetti.

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Making your own version of Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning is simple and easy. While it’s difficult to get the real deal unless you’re a Hello Fresh customer the DIY blend is a wonderful alternative. When you feel the need for a change we’ve included some other great DIY versions of popular Hello Fresh spice blends. Experiment to see what foods you like them on, or try out fresh takes on some of your regular home recipes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning Gluten Free?

Hello Fresh Seasoning doesn’t include wheat or any grains containing gluten. It’s gluten-free!

Where Can You Buy Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning?

Hello Fresh Seasoning is included in some Hello Fresh meal kits but isn’t available for purchase separately.

What Is Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning Made Of?

Hello Fresh Fry Seasoning is simple and only contains garlic, onion, and paprika.

Can I Use Fry Seasoning On French Fries?

Fry Seasoning is great on French fries! It’s also a solid choice for burgers, sweet potatoes, and squash, along with other vegetables.

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