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Our Team

Shanny – Writer

Shanny is our favorite kind of food blog writer because she makes her own recipes in the comfort of her own home, experimenting to find the yummiest tastes! A true foodie lover and enthusiast. Not only does she love writing the many delicious recipes she has created so far, but she also writes up practical cookware guides for her audience.

We love that she gets so much enjoyment from making cooking such a simple, pleasant experience for us, with step-by-step, stress-free meals. She knows a great deal about nutrition and the wonders of food science.

But when she’s not slaving away in the kitchen coming up with wonderfully tasty recipes for herself and her readers, she has other passions she also delves into. Dancing, art, and crafts are all very big parts of Shanny’s life, so she’s often found dabbling in those hobbies too.

And that’s all on top of her impressive Master’s Degree in Education! So not only is she highly qualified in one sense of education, but we think she uses her degree to her advantage when she switches to food writer mode. She takes a huge dollop of her creativity, a spoonful of her fantastic food knowledge, and a sprinkle of her exceptional ability to put it all on paper so we can satisfy our taste buds.