Why Is My Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking? (Solved)

Ninja Blenders are powerful and well-designed kitchen appliances with many safety features indented to prevent injury or damage to the device. There are top-selling blender models in the market such as Ninja BN701 which is perfect for heavy usage and comes with a wide range of features.

A potential drawback to these added safety features is how they indicate problems: many different errors are simply shown by the Ninja Blender power light blinking red or all control panel lights blinking in unison.

A Ninja Blender power light error can be mysterious, but you can fix it by following some easy troubleshooting steps.

Blender Power Light Error

Because a number of different safety features can trigger a Ninja Blender blinking power light error it isn’t always obvious what is needed to correct the problem. Often, a blinking power light is accompanied by the blender refusing to run. This can be troubling, and cause owners to wonder if they’ve accidentally broken their blender.

Thankfully, this problem can be easily corrected, and learning how to properly handle blinking power light errors will teach you how to quickly correct any problems and get back to enjoying your Ninja Blender.

A Ninja Blender is a powerful and useful kitchen appliance that can handle a variety of kitchen tasks. When outfitting a new kitchen, blenders are one of the first devices people choose along with an air fryer or grill. Understanding how to fix a Ninja Blender power light error is important for staying productive in the kitchen.

This handy guide will show you everything you need to know to recover from Ninja Blender errors!

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Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking?

Like many common appliances, the Ninja Blender can indicate problems through the visual signal of a flashing power light. Some appliances such as Instant Pots will display information codes that can help diagnose any problems. Ninja Blenders use a simpler way of showing an error: by flashing the power light and often refusing to run.

In most cases, this error results from safety switches that ensure the Ninja Blender has been correctly assembled and is safe to operate. Errors can be triggered if the lid and handle aren’t aligned properly, the lid isn’t locked down, or the container hasn’t been correctly secured to the base. This is an important safety feature that can prevent injury and damage to the blender.

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What Could Be The Common Causes

In most cases, the Ninja Blender power light will blink if any of the internal safety switches aren’t engaged due to incorrect assembly. While this is the most common reason for an error it isn’t the only cause: in some cases, the blender is overheating and needs time to cool down to prevent internal damage.

Overheating can happen during blending and is sometimes accompanied by a burning smell. While the Ninja Blender is a high-quality kitchen appliance it isn’t suitable for long periods of use and can be overworked. If your blender begins working correctly but stops during use it may be an overheating problem.

Stop using the appliance for 10 to 20 minutes, this allows it to cool down and begin functioning normally. If you routinely have overheating problems this is a sign the blender is being overworked. Try blending different ingredients or giving it time to cool between batches.

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How To Fix Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking Error

Until you become familiar with the reasons for your Ninja Blender power light blinking the simplest way to fix it is to verify that all blender parts have been correctly assembled and are fully locked and engaged. Use the following checklist to check that the appliance is correctly assembled:

Check that the lid and handle are properly aligned. Ninja Blenders have an arrow on the handle and another one on the lid. These have to be aligned and pointing towards each other for safe operation.

• Verify that the handle is pressed down and fully clicks into place. Once the lid and handle are properly aligned you’ll need to make sure the handle is pressed down fully. When done properly you should hear a slight click as the safety switch is engaged.

• Check that you’re using the right lid. Ninja Blender lids look similar but they aren’t interchangeable between models. If you have more than one Ninja model make sure you aren’t mixing up the lids and using the wrong one.

• Check that the container is properly installed. The Ninja Blender container must be placed on the base and turned clockwise until it clicks. If the container isn’t locked into place you can see the blinking power light error and the appliance won’t power on.

• Is there food in the base? If food collects in the base it can prevent the container from correctly locking in place. You may need to clean the base periodically if it becomes clogged with food particles.

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Are Ninja Blenders Safe To Use?

Ninja Blenders are well-designed appliances with multiple safety features which can reduce the chance of injury or damage to the device. When correctly assembled the Ninja Blender is safe to use. Because they have multiple safety switches Ninja Blenders won’t operate if all parts aren’t correctly positioned.

While errors can be frustrating it’s important to remember that these are intended to create a safe experience for appliance owners.

An exception is if any safety switches have been disabled or bypassed. Some online sources have instructions for bypassing safety switches in the event of failure. If a safety switch is no longer functioning correctly it can be tempting to modify the device to bypass safety switches.

This is a bad idea and can result in a greater risk of injury. If a safety switch isn’t functioning correctly it is best to replace it with a new switch. This allows the Ninja Blender’s safety features to function correctly.

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Final Words

Ninja Blenders have been designed with safe operation in mind. Often, problems are indicated by the Ninja Blender power light blinking red or front panel lights blinking in unison. These safety features can be frustrating but help ensure safe operation and lower the risk of injury. It’s important to know how to fix Ninja Blender power light errors so you can solve any device problems.

The best way to handle Ninja Blender errors is to understand the possible causes and ensure all parts are correctly assembled. Once you become familiar with how problems are resolved, the correct use of your Ninja Blender will become easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset a Ninja Blender!

Like many blenders, the Ninja Blender doesn’t have a reset button. Problems with the device are usually the result of incorrectly assembled parts. There isn’t an issue which can be fixed by a button push sequence. Often it is necessary to correctly assemble all parts to fix errors.

Where is the Ninja Blender safety switch located?

Ninja Blenders have multiple safety switches to ensure the correct assembly of the container lid and also make sure the container has been properly secured in the base. The location of these switches varies by model.

Why is my Ninja Blender smoking?

If your Ninja blender is smoking it is likely experiencing overheating or a more serious mechanical issue. If your blender is smoking it is best to unplug it and wait for it to cool down. If your Ninja Blender has frequent problems with smoking it may be overworked or in need to service.

What is the lifespan of a ninja blender?

Ninja Blenders often last 2 to 3 years of daily use. This lifespan can be reduced by heavy use.

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