Best Converter Disk For an Induction Cooktop

Are you a lover of induction cooking?

Alternatively, maybe you’ve just discovered the magical art of an induction cooktop. You want to treat yourself to some new cooking equipment, and you do deserve it! But you don’t know where to start on your buying journey.

So, that’s why we’ve put together a full guide to finding the best converter disk for an induction cooktop. Online shopping can be a bit of a headache at the best of times.

So, how do you know where to begin, especially if the product is a little new to you?

Fear not. If you want to invest in a converter disk for an induction cooktop, we’ve got five right here for you. You can see our honest, balanced review of each of them and some basic information on what the products offer.

That way, you’ll soon be not only clued up on the best induction cooktop adapter disk for your kitchen but also which is the right one for you.

Table Of Contents:

Bialetti Heat Diffuser Cooking Induction Adapter

Bialetti Stainless Steel Adapter

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The Bialetti induction plate has the classic logo of the man, who has a mustache. It’s made using steel and has a good thickness. This helps allow for the heat to transfer and heat your pan or cooking equipment.


  • You can wash it in your dishwasher, so no scrubbing is necessary
  • Suitable for most coffee makers (up to 6 cups)
  • One of the cheaper options on the list


  • Some reviews say their product has delaminated
  • Some people say it wasn’t as efficient at heating as they thought, but not all reviews had this comment
  • Some people received their product slightly chipped

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Max Burton 8-inch Induction Interface Disk, includes Heat-Proof Handle

Max Burton Interface Disk

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This induction converter disk is 8 inches. The manufacturer has created it with a heatproof handle so the heat doesn’t cause any burns or damage to you. That handle is also made with a good grip so it’s comfortable and secure to use. It only comes in one color, silver, which will suit most kitchens.


  • It is designed with a heatproof handle, so it’s safe to use
  • Made for usage on any style of cooker that’s got an induction style system
  • Even distribution of heat due to the material of steel
  • 8 Inches so big enough for most pans etc


  • Might be slower if you’re heating particularly big amounts of food or liquid in your pan
  • There may be some discoloration, as a note from the manufacturer, so it may turn yellow after it’s been used
  • There may be a bit of sound, which can be expected from this type of induction converter disk

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Runzi Induction Converter Disc For Induction Cooking

Runzi Induction adapter

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This induction cooktop adapter disk is perfect for all types of material, from glass and aluminum and even ceramic. It’s designed with 3 layers, depending on the speed and efficiency you want your heat transmission to happen. That’s quite clever, in theory.


  • Warranty for life in place should you not be completely happy with it
  • Handle that you can take off the induction converter disk if you want to
  • Lots of people have positive comments that it works just as it should, and is simple to use


  •  Some people found that it scratched their work surface, even though it had nothing underneath the induction converter disk to cause this to happen

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COOZYER Stainless Steel Heat Diffuser

Coozyer Heat Diffuser

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This converter disk for non-induction cookware is a bigger style at 9.45 inches. It’s made with a handle that you can fold as well, so it doesn’t necessarily come off, but it’s easy to navigate if you have lots of ingredients out on the side.


  • The best rated in the list
  • Great for glass cooktops that have built-in induction software
  • Doesn’t smell at all when it’s cooking


  • The manufacturer says that you should expect some discoloring once it’s been used, but that that’s normal, and you can see use it perfectly fine
  • Can take some time to heat up at first

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Upromax Induction Embossed Cooktop Converter Disk

Upromax Cooktop Converter Disk

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This converter disk for induction cooktop has three buttons on it to allow you to heat food or liquid in your pots and pans. It also has a sturdy handle which is 7.5cm long.

On the first review of this product, there is an average rating of 3.8 stars out of a total of 5, with only 20 people rating the product. This could imply it’s a bit better than average. But some reviews go on to say that the product turns on and off by itself. If this is true, this would defeat the purpose of the item.


  • Available online from 2014
  • Made by a seemingly big brand in the industry, Urpmax


  • One of the most expensive ones on the list
  • Can feel quite heavy, at 2lbs, which is a bottle of milk’s weight
  • Has way fewer reviews than other similar products

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Final Conclusion

And that’s all five! So, if you’re looking for a new induction converter disc, it could be worth budgeting before you do anything. Work out how much you can afford and want to spend on your new converter disk for an induction cooktop. Then you can either shop around using our list, or anywhere to find your perfect one.

But the big note to make is to always check out the reviews before you purchase your converter disk for non-induction cookware. Even well-known, big brands get it wrong with a product sometimes. The way to tell, before you commit, is to spend a moment scanning through the reviews and comments. How effective is the product for the price?

If you are tight on budget, you can get a really cheap induction cooktop adapter disk. But if you buy cheap, you might compromise on the quality.

Identify The Size

Consider how big you need your induction converter disc to be. There are different sizes available as you can see from our list. So, it’s worth thinking if you’re going to be cooking with wider pans or just needing to heat your coffee pot. That could easily help you decide which converter disk for non-induction cookware to opt for.

Ask yourself if you need the handle to be able to fold up and be out of the way, or if you need the practical option to remove it completely. You will have options as you shop because some come with the folding functionality and others have the choice to take it off. But some may not at all, so it’s worth knowing what you want in your induction converter disc.

Once you’ve found the right one for you, you can learn how to cook eggs on your induction cooktop.

Are you not quite confident enough to get cooking yet? That’s okay! You’ve got to figure out how to actually work the cooking equipment before you go about cooking up a storm in your kitchen. That’s why we’ve put some steps together on using non-induction cookware on an induction cooktop. Let’s jump straight in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a converter disk for non-induction cookware?

It’s a piece of metal, usually stainless steel, that’s used if you have an induction-style cooker, but don’t have the right induction cookware. It’s essentially the perfect missing ingredient.

It’s usually about 7-9 inches wide and is a circular shape. So, it fits over your normal hob. It directly heats your pan because the heat conducts through the converter disk for non-induction cookware.

So it’s much faster than a traditional gas cooktop. Why? Because if you have one of those, you’ll have to turn the hob on and heat the ring first.

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What should you not use if you have an induction cooktop?

You have to use a magnetic material on an induction cooktop for it to work. So that means you can’t expect to use your ceramic pots and pans straight on your induction cooker. Also included in the list of materials that aren’t magnetic, and so won’t work on your induction cooktop are copper, aluminum, and some (stainless) steel.

Why won’t they work? Those materials aren’t suitable for an induction cooktop because they’re not magnetic. Of course, that’s how an induction cooktop works.

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How can I judge if my cookware is induction ready?

It’s quite easy to work out if your cookware is induction ready. You just need to check whether the bottom of it is magnetic. So, you’ll need to use a magnetic object and see if it pulls toward the bottom of your pan or equipment. If the magnet is strongly connected and holds to your cookware, it’s induction cooker friendly.

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What would happen if I were to try and put a normal pan onto an induction hob?

If you try to use a normal pan on your induction hob, the heat won’t work. Why is this? Because the induction system uses a magnetic force to transmit and conduct heat through to connect to your pan or cooking equipment.

But if you’re using a normal pan, it’s likely not magnetic and so it won’t be compatible with your induction cooktop.

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Can you convert normal pans to induction?

Have you ever tried putting your usual pan on your induction hob, and hoping it would work? The bad news is that it won’t happen because normal pans and an induction cooktop aren’t compatible.

On the other hand, don’t lose hope just yet! The reason is that there is an alternative way you can heat your non-induction pans on an induction cooktop. You can use a converter disk.

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Can I use induction pots and pans on my normal stove, so non-induction?

Yes, you can. It’s thought that the pans that are originally designed for induction-style cooking will indeed work on your standard non-induction cooktop.

Having said this, we would recommend going for induction-style cooking because it can be faster, safer, and more energy efficient cook on.

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Do restaurants use induction cooking style?

Yes. Some restaurants do use induction cooktops. This can be because it’s a great way for them to keep up with the fast customer orders of dishes they need to make. Induction cooking can usually be a faster way of heating up your food, which is a huge benefit for restaurants and eateries.

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Are converter disks for induction cooktops good?

Yes. You may find that some of them have mixed reviews, vary in price or have different features to choose from. But, overall, a converter disk for an induction cooktop is very effective.

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Are there any disadvantages of buying a converter disk?

If you buy one which has lots of bad reviews or is extremely cheap, then you may risk choosing one that’s of questionable quality. But on the whole, a converter disk is a good way to allow you to cook with your non-induction cookware. Welcome to the world of induction cooking. It can be much faster, so you get to eat your meal sooner and waste no time!

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